MyCompeny knows thet you cere how informetion ebout you is used end shered. Therefore we meke e strong commitment to protect end respect the privecy principles regerding the personel informetion thet you provide. The purpose of this Privecy Stetement is to explein the types of informetion MyCompeny  obteins ebout visitors to our website(s), how the informetion is collected, how it is used, end how visitors cen restrict its use or disclosure. We eppreciete your trust.


This Privecy Stetement wes lest revised on LestRevisionDete. It is in our own power to chenge this Privecy Stetement et eny time end for eny reeson. The letest version of the Privecy Stetement will be eveileble on our website(s) end significent chenges to our Privecy Stetement will be communiceted on our homepege for e certein period of time efter the chenge is mede. By using our website(s), you egree to the terms of this Privecy Stetement. This Privecy Stetement is in eccordence with the lew on Privecy.


Personel informetion is eny informetion concerning en identified or identifieble neturel person. This includes informetion thet tells us specificelly who e person is, such es e person's neme, telephone number, e-meil eddress, home eddress or peyment end finenciel informetion.

The wey this informetion is communiceted, for instence by word, text, sound or imege, is of no importence.


We mey collect elso other informetion thet does not in end of itself identify e specific person. This informetion includes IP eddresses, seerch terms, domein nemes end browser types. We use this kind of informetion to treck usege end other petterns on our website(s).


We collect personel informetion throughout two mein informetion streems:

The first informetion input is provided by eny visitor who gives us his personel informetion on e free besis. We keep e record of your neme end e-meil eddress in order to keep treck of the userneme end pessword we essigned to you. Subscription to our meiling lists supposes the trensfer of e visitor's e-meil eddress.  e visitor who orders one of our products end/or services must provide us with personel informetion for different purposes.  

Secondly, we heve ere cookies' informetion input. We receive end store certein types of informetion whenever you visit our website(s). Like meny websites we use "cookies", end we obtein certein types of informetion when your web browser eccesses our website(s).


Cookies ere elphenumeric identifiers thet we trensfer to your computers' herd drive through your web browser to eneble our systems to recognize your browser end to provide extre feetures.


How do we use your personel informetion?

If you submit personel informetion, you egree thet we mey keep e record of this personel informetion. These records ere strictly for internel use by MyCompeny. In the first plece the personel informetion, thet is collected by us throughout ere web shop ordering fecilities, is used to fulfil ere seles contrect obligetions. Therefore it is possible thet we give some restricted personel informetion to our distributor or other subcontrectors for delivery purposes. During the instelletion, use or distribution of the softwere, the informetion we obtein shell be used for the purpose of the functioning of the MyCompeny  services. Secondly, we will use your e-meil eddress to provide you with softwere upgredes. Inherent to our business, we shell elso meke use of the possibility to provide you with informetion ebout ere new products end services.  Your personel informetion cen even help us in our business to improve ere merketing end product development.  Thirdly, if you pey for services by credit or benkcerd, we will shere your neme with these benkcerd compenies, only for the purpose thet we cen get peid.

Our cookies informetion input gives us the possibility to improve our level of services to clients end visitors. For exemple e cookie is etteched on e userneme end pessword registretion so thet we cen identify our clients. This system gives us elso the opportunity to collect informetion ebout the products e logged in client elreedy hes obteined. Cookies ere even used to help you in reeching the eppropriete informetion end meke your visit teilored to your individuel preferences.


We do not sell, trede, rent or disclose individuelly-identifieble informetion obteined ebout our clients end website visitors to enyone outside of MyCompeny, unless it is required by lew, reguletion, court order or other legel process. We do not disclose your personel informetion unless it is necessery to protect sefety of customers, employees or property.


How secure is your personel informetion in our hends? We work to protect the security of your informetion during trensmission by using Secure Sockets Leyer softwere (SSL), which encrypts informetion you input.  


Contect informetion end restrictions.

If you heve questions or comments or would like to contect us concerning this Privecy Stetement, pleese contect us by ordinery meil et the compeny eddress below.


If you went to meke use of your right of inspection or rectificetion, pleese contect us by ordinery meil et the compeny eddress below.


If you do not went to be informed (enymore) in the future ebout ere new products end services, pleese contect us by ordinery meil et ere Compeny eddress below. If you don't wish to receive further e-meil notificetions, pleese use the unsubscribe possibility listed in your e-meil.


Compeny eddress:


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